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The Device was released September 25, 2012, according to its Bandcamp page. At the time, TWRP consisted of five members, one of whom is no longer part of the band. The Device had six tracks total, only two of which had any lyrics, a good example of TWRP's older style of instrumental-focused, less lyrically-oriented music.

Some may recognize track 04 -- The No Pants Dance -- from one of TWRP's later EPs, Guardians of the Zone. This song was remastered and rewritten in collaboration with the help of Ninja Sex Party in 2016, providing it with more lyrics and a more traditional song structure, along with main vocals from Dan Avidan.
Other songs from this EP have also made reappearances over the years, with Interstellar Strut having been performed in live shows up to about 2017 with additional lyrics......

WM's favorite track: The Device Pt. 1&2
WM's least favorite track: The No Pants Dance
Overall rating: 5/5! Usually no skips on this EP. Definitely one of my all-time favorite TWRP releases. Personally, I'm still hoping for a remaster someday.